4 Strategies for Safeguarding Your Data

Protecting your business data has never been more important. A number of state and federal privacy protection regulations impose stiff fines for non-compliance. And data breaches and loss can have a serious impact on your company’s brand, reputation, and financial health. Here are four ways to safeguard your data.

1. Store your data offsite

An unforeseen data loss event at your primary business location can bring your organization to a standstill, but storing your paper and digital records offsite can protect you from complete data loss.

Documents damaged by fire and floods are expensive—if not impossible—to restore. However, storing them offsite in a commercial records center ensures they are always safe. State-of-the-art security and fire suppression systems protect your paper records while barcode tracking ensures they are able to be retrieved quickly to support your data recovery needs.

A media vault provides similar security for your digital data. Your tapes and hard drives are stored in a specialized environment for their protection and preservation. The best media vaults are built with ceramic fiber walls to protect your media from intense heat from a building fire. A waterless fire suppression system is used within the vault; if deployed, it does not damage or leave a residue on your media.

Video surveillance technology, security systems, and entry access controls are used within both records centers and media vaults to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

2. Make sure your media is properly destroyed

Data stored on tapes, hard disks, and other forms of electronic media is susceptible to theft if not properly destroyed. Just deleting the data stored on your media before tossing it out isn’t enough—with special tools, confidential information can still be extracted from these devices. The only way to ensure your sensitive information is truly unreadable is through physical destruction of your media.

A NAID AAA Certified media and hard drive shredding service ensures your data is permanently destroyed. Your media is destroyed in a specialized shredder that grinds tapes and hard drives into small particles, rendering all data irrecoverable. Each hard drive received for destruction is barcoded and scanned to verify destruction, and a Certificate of Destruction is provided at the completion of your media shredding project.

3. Use a cloud backup solution

If your business doesn’t have the IT resources or staff to perform routine backups, a cloud backup solution continuously protects your data. All data you wish to back up, including data on your servers, computers and mobile devices, is automatically encrypted and uploaded to a purpose-built data center for protection. A cloud backup solution eliminates the need for:

  • Manual tape backup
  • Tape management hardware and software
  • Ongoing maintenance costs

Your cloud backup solution provider will help you find the best cloud backup solution to meet your data protection and recovery needs.

4. Teach your staff about data security

The 2012 Ponemon Global Cost of a Data Breach study found that almost two-thirds of data breaches could be attributed to employee negligence or human error. This statistic underscores the need to educate your employees about the importance of data security. Educate your staff about how to handle sensitive and confidential data, and highlight the risks associated with the following behaviors:

  • Leaving confidential paperwork on desktops
  • Installing unauthorized software on company computers
  • Opening suspicious emails
  • Using a single password for multiple applications

If your organization is subject to federal privacy protection regulations, make sure your staff understands how proper data security ensures your organization’s compliance. The more data security knowledge you offer your employees, the savvier they will be about protecting your information.

While safeguarding your data is crucial, it doesn’t have to be complicated. A professional records and information management services provider can implement a custom data security solution that protects all areas of your business.
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