10 Excellent Reasons to Use a Shredding Service

A person holding a blue mug in one hand and the other hand placed against face while ponderingWhat do you do with your unwanted paper documents? Do you toss them in a blue recycling bin, or do you shred them with an office shredder? Did you know there’s a better way? In this blog, we offer 10 excellent reasons to use a shredding service.

1. Customer Trust

When your customers know you take their privacy to heart, they stay with you. A shredding service makes sure the personal and financial information you collect from clients doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Staying on top of HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and GLBA requirements is time consuming, and one slip-up can cause hefty fines. A shredding service makes sure your company follows regulatory standards to a “T.”

3. Employee Privacy

A loyal and happy staff is a business asset. If your company compromises the personal information of even one employee, it can create a ripple effect of negative consequences throughout your organization. A shredding service allows your business to give its employees the privacy protection they deserve.

4. Brand Protection

Companies that suffer a data breach have a hard time rebuilding their brand, and some eventually fail as a consequence. As soon as news of a breach becomes public, customer bases and investors dwindle. A shredding service protects your corporate brand by preventing data breaches from happening.

5. Enhanced Productivity

In-house shredding is counterproductive; your staff must sacrifice time spent on revenue-generating tasks to destroy unwanted documents instead. A shredding service eliminates paying your employees to destroy documents so they can focus on the real job you hired them to do. Your shredding provider brings secure shredding containers to your office for streamlined and secure document disposal.

6. Cost Savings

The cost of buying, repairing, and replacing shredding machines adds up. A shredding and destruction service eliminates paper shredders and time-consuming destruction tasks, saving your company thousands of dollars a year.

7. Space Savings

Paper documents consume valuable office space. A shredding service offers routine destruction of expired hard copy records so your business has more room to grow its profit margin.

8. Liability Reduction

You can’t ignore your legal obligation to maintain privacy standards for your information. An identity theft or fraud incident can cost your business thousands of dollars in legal fees. A shredding service eliminates privacy risks that increase your liability exposure.

9. Less Paper Waste

Paper waste has a negative impact on the environment. A shredding service eliminates unnecessary paper waste. After your provider shreds your documents, the paper waste is baled, pulped, and recycled to produce a wide variety of consumer products.

10. Peace of Mind

Running a business can be stressful. A shredding service gives you peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part to protect your employees, customers, and the environment.

Richards & Richards offers   document shredding and media destruction services for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information about our shredding services, please call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page.

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