Secure Shredding Services

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Secure Shredding Services

Secure paper shredding is an integral part of protecting your company’s information.  Richards & Richards provides AAA Naid certified secure shredding for paper, computer hard drives and all forms of magnetic media.  As the first paper shredding company in Nashville, and the first certified shredding company, we bring a level of experience unmatched in this market.

We are a plant-based shredding company for your added security. By NAID standards, we must pass an additional 17 audit points to meet this standard over the on-site trucks. Our shredding process is recorded to video and stored for 90 days. We are in a climate-controlled environment, eliminating complications from wind, rain and other elements.  The entire operation is protected by a gate access fence and monitored security cameras and sensors throughout the building and property.  We maintain the chain of custody of our shredded, baled paper all the way to the paper mill.

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