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RRWeb LogoWith our web-based records management solution, you have the ability to securely keep your box and file inventory on our server through your Internet connection.    We provide you with a secure web link that creates a database for you in our system, directly connecting to our customer service department that you can also use for requesting service and materials.

This system allows your inventory information to share between your office and ours. We see what you see – helping our Customer Service team to be able to serve you better.

  • Look up your inventory information automatically through the internet.
  • Index your file and box information directly into our database, so you see what we see.
  • Request pick-up and delivery services.
  • Verify or edit destruction dates for your containers.
  • Request specific, unique reports.

The best part – it is completely transferrable. No more issues with your records manager leaving and no one knowing where the inventory is – we always have it for you!


This is our proprietary inventory program/file that we provide to clients of Richards & Richards, who want to keep their file inventory on their computer in their office.  RRFiler gives you the ability to inventory the contents of boxes you store in our records center.   It does not communicate with Richards & Richards in any way.  You can load RRFiler on multiple computers in your office if you prefer a decentralized inventory process or load it on one computer for a centralized operation. (Requires Microsoft Access)


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