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Records Storage Box Chosen for Document ScanningRichards & Richards provides complete file scanning and conversion services for all business types – from legal to medical. Scanning conversion to electronic format has many benefits:

  • Save time by accessing documents from anywhere you have internet access
  • Increase productivity
  • Search for documents using index fields you define
  • Free up floor space to allow more work area for employees
  • Improve security and ensure compliance by password protecting your documents


Solutions not Sales

Imaging can be costly – we offer a full document management solution.  We will help you decide what makes good business sense to scan, store as paper, or destroy.  There are a variety of imaging solutions we offer:

Our business is document management.  We want to help you create the best overall solution for your company.

Scanning Services

Our team is available to handle all aspects of your imaging program, including picking up documents from your office, scanning and indexing them, and storing them in our highly secure data center for ready access.  You’ll be able to retrieve images readily over the Web or by email, or we can save them to CD or DVD for your use.

  • Quality
    You need your documents to be scanned accurately and clearly. The images are captured at a rate of 10,000 per shift – a lower speed so that the naked eye can do a visual check of each image as it is captured.  Our competitors use higher speed machines that make this check at the capture point impossible.


  • Indexing We work with you on the front end to determine the best way for you to find your documents once they are scanned. We utilize state of the art software and hardware that can index on the fly, OCR fields, read barcodes, or we can create a match and merge database from your own software to populate index fields. Each index is visually verified to ensure 100% accuracy.

  • Security
    Many competitors send indexing of your images offshore to third party firms.  We maintain control of your documents and images at all times.


  • Image Format
    Our software has the capability to provide your images in a number of non-proprietary formats.  This will allow you to work with your documents on an ongoing basis.  In other words, whatever format you need your images in, we can produce your images in whatever format needed.

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