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What is Litigation Support?

As the use of digital files takes hold within law firms, litigation support is increasingly associated with e-discovery processes. Since case information still exists in hardcopy format, though, litigation support functions must include the preparation and management of paper trial documents. However, in-house document production can quickly consume administrative resources. Ensuring that hardcopy records are produced in a timely and accurate manner means providing proper resources and solutions to your legal secretary and paralegal staff throughout the litigation process.

Ensuring appellate briefs are accurate and meet compliance deadlines

The filing of appellate briefs is a deadline-driven, paper-based process. And compliance with court requirements means completing procedural and technical items correctly and on time. Since a single file is comprised of thousands of pages, documentation must be processed quickly without sacrificing accuracy. Outsourcing your appellate brief processing and filing obligations ensures that every file page is checked with professional quality control standards, is error-free, and meets all compliance deadlines while enabling support staff to focus on additional administrative tasks vital to your firm.

Copying and file preparation

Success at a deposition, trial or during arbitration is highly dependent on how evidentiary documents, discovery documents, and trial records are presented. High-quality file reproductions must be produced within a short time period. Therefore, it’s important to have a reliable resource that can ensure the presentation materials meet the highest quality standards and support your case. You’ll want to take into consideration the capabilities of your legal copying vendor in order to ensure a solution for a wide range of litigation support functions your firm may need, including:

  • Scanning in black and white as well as color
  • Copying and binding of litigation records
  • Preparation, copying and tabbing of trial notebooks
  • Trial mount design and production
  • Duplication of CDs and DVDs

Digitization of paper litigation documents

Supporting your legal secretaries and paralegals is all about making sure that they are able to use their litigation support time efficiently and effectively. Digitizing paper records streamlines the case management process for both small-scale and large-scale litigation. A professional legal document scanning company can provide a turnkey solution for converting paper litigation files to electronic files which are then managed within a case management system. This allows for litigation files to be imaged in a variety of output formats in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do digitize documents within your firm, and also provides wide-ranging functionality. Strict image quality assurance processes—handled by screened, professional imaging technicians—ensure high-quality and quick turnarounds to meet trial requirements:

  • OCR (Optical character recognition)
  • Electronic Bates Labels and Endorsements
  • Oversize scanning
  • Indexing of files

Additionally, by imaging paper litigation documents, the resources and time needed to retrieve, access and share case and discovery files can also be significantly reduced.

Records and Information Management: Making Litigation Processes Easier

It’s so important to have the right systems in place to enable efficient, ongoing management of your case data. Through the outsourcing of records and information management, your firm can enhance its capabilities in the most cost-effective manner.

Offsite document storage

The storage of case files and legal records can often get costly for companies, especially when done in-house. Improperly managed files can also hinder the support of ligation processes. Another concern is the inability to provide thorough disaster recovery to ensure that documents and files are protected from a range of threats. Professional records storage enables your legal records to be properly indexed, stored, tracked and managed for reliable and seamless access.

Document scanning

Digitizing your legal documents enables you to focus on cases and simultaneously reduce the amount of clerical work needed to do so. Electronic files can also be more easily shared than paper documents. Additionally, converting your legal records to a digital format allows for a reduction of the current overhead and administrative costs associated with managing a paper-dependent firm.

If your documents are already stored offsite in a records center, a scan on demand solution enables any files to be converted and securely delivered electronically. This can be especially advantageous for supporting time-sensitive litigation support requests. A full-service records and information management company can offer your firm a document scanning solution.

Data storage

Proper data protection also prepares your company for discovery requests. Because your company’s records retention inventory also includes electronic documents, it’s important first to properly preserve this data and then have the ability to quickly locate and retrieve it in support of litigation processes. Digital data stored on backup media should be stored offsite in an environment that fosters long-term preservation and protection.

A professionally managed media vault offers a repository for safeguarding your electronic data. In addition to providing a climate-controlled environment specific to the preservation of magnetic and optical media, it also offers the following systems to ensure continuous protection of your firm’s data:

  • redundant backup power
  • video surveillance and access control
  • NFPA standard fire protection
  • magnetic shielding
  • waterless fire suppression
  • wind, flooding, and earthquake protection

While stored within a media vault, your electronic data is also tracked with barcode and inventory management technology, allowing for swift retrieval of legal information at any time to support litigation procedures.

Richards & Richards’ records and information management services provide law firms throughout Nashville with a solution for meeting their litigation support needs.

For more information, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (Feb. 28, 2014) Richards & Richards CEO Steve Richards has been invited by NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) to speak at its annual national conference, to be held in Phoenix this April.

Richards, along with Eric Haas of Automated Record Management Systems in Green Bay, Wis., will lead a discussion records storage for destruction companies.

“Speaking at NAID is the equivalent of getting invited to perform at Carnegie Hall for someone in our business,” said Richards & Richards chief operations officer Jerre Richards. “This is a well-deserved honor for Steve and Eric.”

Steve Richards is also in the running for vice president of NAID. The election will be held at the conference.


About Richards & Richards:

For more than 27 years, Richards & Richards has provided the highest level of professional records and information management services throughout Middle Tennessee. Focusing on traditional records management services, Richards & Richards offers records storage, data protection, secure paper shredding, magnetic media destruction, computer hard-drive destruction, e-vaulting, and copy and imaging services.

With more than 1,900 clients storing their records in its 251,000-square-foot records center, Richards & Richards is the oldest and largest single-market, independently owned and operated records management company in Tennessee.

Richards & Richards has a new DataVault

Richards & Richards has a new DataVault - a FIRELOCK Class 125 Media Rated, Zone 4 seismic rated data protection facility and the only DataVault in Nashville that meets NFPA 75 and NFPA 232 standards for magnetic media.

Richards & Richards DataVault’s unique layout and ceramic fiber walls are designed not only to protect media from intense heat, but to reflect heat out, as well.

The walls are filled with a thick 8-inch layer of ceramic fiber, which can withstand 2000 degree heat for 5 hours. The temperature inside of the Richards & Richards DataVault will never rise above 125º F. (52º C) degrees during that time.

Below is a video that demonstrates just how effective just one inch of this fiber is:

More information about our new vault is available here.

Jerre Richards in NBJ


Why Offsite Data Storage Gives You Better Control Over Your Data

Towards the end of each business day, you personally pop a backup cartridge into your tape drive, while doing a last check of emails and planning for the next day. When completed, the tape goes into your laptop bag so it can go home with you at the end of the day. You realize the importance of making sure that your data isn’t left on site after reading a disaster recovery article several years ago that made perfect sense.

You’re a control freak—and proud of it. You’ve gotten beyond trying to analyze why. In fact, you wear it with pride! After all, throughout the years it’s served you well—your firm control on daily operations and the ability to run a tight ship are the prime reasons your company is successful. You maintain hands-on involvement in virtually every area of your business, including the backup of your data.

Today on the way home, you stop at the dry cleaners—a routine you’ve followed hundreds of times. You run inside, pick up your laundry, and after a quick chat with store owner, you return to your car and place your clothes in the backseat. It isn’t until you’re halfway home that you notice your briefcase isn’t in its usual place on the passenger seat. You feel sick to your stomach.

It’s an instance where being a control freak may have cost you a lot more than your pride, but at least you can take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. According to the Ponemon Institute’s “2013 Cost of a Data Breach” study, negligence alone accounts for 33% of corporate data loss. So how could you have avoided this situation in the first place and maintained even more control over your data?

Acknowledging the risks of your current data protection strategy

The problem with taking a backup tape or hard drive home is the exposure to risk. In addition to the possibility of theft, there are other factors that can contribute to data loss. First, a private residence does not provide any more protection than leaving it within your office. While it may bring you peace of mind knowing that your backup tape is in the same building as you, it fails to acknowledge the probability, however slim, of a natural disaster or fire and flooding within your home. Your house simply does not provide the proper data protection environment.

The chances are even higher of the data written to your tape or hard drive being compromised from temperature and humidity conditions within your home or car. Given the climate fluctuations in our Nashville region, this is a very real possibility. Leave a tape in a hot car or humid room and your backup data could be gone for good.

Additionally, this purely manual process does not offer verifiable and controlled processes for managing your critical data. One mislabeled or improperly rotated tape can equally lead an audit nightmare—not to mention legal and regulatory problems. In order to ensure complete disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities, it’s important to be able to locate the exact critical data you need in the least amount of time.

Taking advantage of a professional data protection solution

A professional data protection solution can actually provide you with greater control of your data through the application of a professionally managed, off-site data storage and media rotation solution. Theft and disaster risks are significantly minimized by transporting backup media to a vault specially designed for the long-term protection and preservation of media assets and equipped with the following:

  • class 125 media rated fire protection
  • media-specific climate control
  • video surveillance
  • strict access regulation

Tapes and hard drives containing vital data can be rotated and managed by professional data protection specialists, thus ensuring maximum recovery time objectives (RTOs) at all times. Barcode tracking interfaced with an inventory management system allows for a comprehensive audit trail of all media assets stored offsite.

Richards & Richards provides data protection solutions to businesses throughout Nashville. To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

Son grew into his family’s business

Bowman Richards went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville determined not to return to his family’s company, but his experience prompted a change of heart.

Growing up, Richards had worked in the physical operations of the record management company, moving and organizing boxes of paper files in the large storage facility. It was “extremely sweaty” work, he said.

Richards admitted he was fired at least 10 times as a kid.

Read the full article here:

Son grew into his family’s business – The Tennessean

Paper Because, Paper is Dead

This interesting Two Sides’ video, “Paper Because, Paper is Dead”, brings up several good points on why paper is not dead. Paper is a sustainable resource and at Richards & Richards we repurpose shredded documents into new paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper. Paper has a vital role in our lives and will never be dead. We might go more electronic but paper is still extremely efficient as you can see described in this entertaining skit.

No Disrespect Indended

Emotions run high at Sandia Associates when a simple suggestion to improve data security is misunderstood. Avoid the conflict and keep your confidential information secure by hiring a NAID-certified vendor today!

Happy 20th WWW!

For those who wonder, it was 20 years ago on April 30, 1993 that the first website was born.  The website was created by CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research and its URL is below.

This link from,2817,2418330,00.asp has the information on how this all happened.

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