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November 2013


Fall is Here!

Fall has finally arrived in Middle Tennessee!  As the weather grows cooler it is time to think about year end and auditing your account information.

Three main items should be reviewed before year end:

1.  Security List
This is a good time to review everyone on your list and be sure that all employees are current and that their access level is appropriate for their current position.  These may have changed throughout the year and are vital to the security of your records.  
To contact customer service for your current list click here>>>>
To download a form to make changes click here>>>

2.  Box Status
Do you have boxes that you have taken out that will never be returned?  Until Richards & Richards is informed that an item is not coming back to us, we are tracking it and you are incurring unnecessary charges. 
Contact customer service here to inquire if you have any boxes that are currently out >>>
If you would like to gain online access to check this yourself click here>>>>>

3.  Destruction Dates
Have you audited your boxes to be sure everything was destroyed per your retention schedule?  It is important to be sure you are following your retention policy to stay in compliance with all current privacy and regulatory legislation.  
To request destruction click here>>>
To obtain information on creating a destruction policy for your company click here>>>>

Our services are available to you in all of this end of the year clean up.  Please take a few minutes to review.  A well maintained records system will keep your business running smooth all year.


Steve Richards
President & CEO

Our office will be closed on
Thursday, Nov. 28th
Friday, Nov. 29th
in observance of the holiday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 
We are thankful for you and hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

Tape Rescues Big Data

When physicists throw the “on” switch on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), between three and six gigabytes of data spew out of it every second. That is, admittedly, an extreme example. But the flow of data from smaller sources than CERN, the European particle-research organization outside Geneva that runs the LHC, is also growing inexorably. At the moment it is doubling every two years. These data need to be stored. And that need for mass storage is reviving a technology which, only a few years ago, seemed destined for the scrapheap: magnetic tape.

Alberto Pace, head of data and storage at CERN, says that tape has four advantages over hard disks for the long-term preservation of data.

The first is speed. Although it takes about 40 seconds for an archive robot to select the right tape and put it in a reader, once it has loaded, extracting data from that tape is about four times as fast as reading from a hard disk.

The second advantage is reliability. When a tape snaps, it can be spliced back together. The loss is rarely more than a few hundred megabytes—a bagatelle in information-technology circles. When a terabyte hard disk fails, by contrast, the result is usually that all the data on it is lost.

The third benefit of tapes is that they do not need power to preserve data held on them. Stopping a disk rotating by temporarily turning off the juice—a process called power cycling—increases the likelihood that it will fail.

The fourth benefit is security. If a hacker with a grudge managed to break into CERN’s data center, he could delete all 50 petabytes of the disk-held data in minutes. To delete the same amount from the organization’s tapes would take years.

Click here to read the rest of the article>>>

Richards & Richards provides back-up tape rotation and data protection.  If you would like to get a quote on services please contact us here >>>>

Nov. 20th          Cloud Back-up Workshop

Nov. 20th           RRWeb Lunch & Learn
                           (12:00 – 1:30pm)

All lunch and learn seminars are free to our clients with limited attendance.  Spaces will be held on a first come/first serve basis.  RSVP by clicking the link on the date you would like above.


Paper Because, Paper is Dead

This interesting Two Sides’ video, “Paper Because, Paper is Dead”, brings up several good points on why paper is not dead. Paper is a sustainable resource and at Richards & Richards we repurpose shredded documents into new paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper. Paper has a vital role in our lives and will never be dead. We might go more electronic but paper is still extremely efficient as you can see described in this entertaining skit.

August 2013


Change is Coming!

The HIPAA Omnibus Rule is coming into effect in September.  There are many modifications but below is a summary of the main points:
  • Business Associates of Covered Entities are now directly liable for compliance with certain of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules' requirements.
  • Limitations have been strengthened on the use and disclosure of protected health information for marketing and fundraising purposes, and prohibit the sale of protected health information without individual authorization.
  • Expanded individuals' rights to receive electronic copies of their health information
  • Restricted disclosures to a health plan concerning treatment for which the individual has paid out of pocket in full.
  • Required modifications to, and redistribution of, a Covered Entity's notice of privacy practices is required.
  • Required modification of the individual authorization and other requirements to facilitate research and disclosure of child immunization proof to schools, and to enable access to decedent information by family members or others.
  • Incorporated the increased and tiered civil money penalty structure provided by the HITECH Act.
  • Prohibits most health plans from using or disclosing genetic information for underwriting purposes.

View more summary here >>>>>
Click here for a PDF of the new Omnibus Rule in its entirety >>>>

The changes are coming soon and many of these processes take time.  If you are in medical practice, we urge you to contact your legal counsel to be sure you are compliant by the September 23rd deadline.

Also, please remember that we have options here to help you with the new EMR requirements.  If you would like to discuss file conversion, please contact us here >>>

Thank you for you business and have a Happy Labor Day!

R. Stephen Richards
President & CEO

Should you use the Cloud or Tape?

What should you use to store safely and securely your data off-site?  Is tape still the best?  Or should you look at cloud computing?

How do you know?  Ask Us! We can help.

Richards & Richards can provide your company with answers to these questions to find you the right off-site storage solution for your mission critical information.

Aug 14th            Cloud Back-up Workshop

Aug 14th            RRWeb Lunch & Learn
                          (12:00 – 1:30pm)

Sept 2nd            Labor Day – Holiday

Sept 18th          Cloud Back-up Workshop

Sept 18th           RRWeb Lunch & Learn
                           (12:00 – 1:30pm)

Oct. 19th            Free Shred Day

All lunch and learn seminars are free to our clients with limited attendance.  Spaces will be held on a first come/first serve basis.  RSVP by clicking the link on the date you would like above.

Free Shred Day!

Richards & Richards in cooperation with the Nashville Better Business Bureau invites everyone, individuals and small businesses alike to destroy their confidential documents securely for one day only – at no cost! 

Location:   1741 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville
Date:         Saturday, October 19th, 2013
Hours:        9am – 1pm

We will not be accepting managed boxes at this event.

For directions click here >>>

Sources of Electronic Data Breaches

by Christopher Bauer
Bauer Ethics Seminars

Regardless of whether customer and employee data is legally protected in your country or industry, we all have an ethical obligation to protect others' personal information as well as our own organizations' proprietary information. Doing otherwise is an open invitation for that information to be used in malicious ways ranging from identity theft to corporate espionage. At the very least, it's simply common courtesy to protect others' privacy!
Even in companies with elaborate data-protection systems, here are three sources of electronic data breaches that I see all the time:

•    The most common breach has perhaps always been – and will perhaps always be – computer monitors left on and exposed so that passers-by can read the screen. (Plus, if that machine is 'live' and unattended, what's to stop someone from using it to forage for still more information?). Have a reasonable and enforceable policy to prevent each of these things from happening.

•    Redeploying computers. Most companies seem to be getting better about removing hard drives from old computers they are trashing or selling off. But what about redeploying computers to new parts of your business, though? Get that data off the machine before it goes where it ought not be going!

•    People change their electronic technology more often than their underwear these days and all those machines and gadgets are a huge source of potential data breaches. Things like copy machines and fax machines are prone to have a ton of data on them that needs to be protected. Be sure that their memories are wiped clean before you get rid of them.

Like with so many things ethical, electronic data security is often seen as someone else's job. Also like so many things ethical, however, we have not fulfilled our ethical obligation if we don't do everything in our power to assure that the proper thing is being done. If you see any of these potential data breaches occurring in your company, make it a point to bring the problem to whomever has the authority to correct the problem.

We will be
September 2nd
in Observance of
Labor Day

No Disrespect Indended

Emotions run high at Sandia Associates when a simple suggestion to improve data security is misunderstood. Avoid the conflict and keep your confidential information secure by hiring a NAID-certified vendor today!

July 2013


How do I secure my old computer?
Is it time to trash those old PCs?  If you’ve come to this decision, then you have most likely asked yourself (and others) “what should I do with the hard drive?”  No doubt you have heard the horror stories and rumors of information stolen from discarded drives and are aware of the potential dangers of simply tossing that hard drive out on the curb. 

Just in case you haven’t, you should know that throwing an old drive out is the equivalent of tossing out your wallet, with all of your credit cards and ID still in it – or worse all of your client's credit cards and ID! 

The best way to protect you and your company is to remove and shred the hard drive. 

We are AAA NAID certified for hard drive and media destruction.  Meaning – we are the best option for secure destruction of your digital media.  Please contact us here if you would like more information >>>

R. Stephen Richards
President & CEO

Will Businesses Be Forced to Say if They Have Been Hacked?

The idea is still a long way from reality, but Congress has taken the first step toward requiring companies to admit when their networks have been hacked.

The proposed rule on data breaches appears as part of a larger draft bill being circulated in the House Judiciary Committee. On top of raising the maximum penalty for computer crimes, the unnamed legislation gives businesses 14 days to disclose a security breach after they find out about it. In the case of a “major” breach, that window shrinks to a mere 72 hours, and involves the FBI or the Secret Service.

Any firm that handles personal information will be subject to the rule, except those that work under HIPAA–the federal health privacy law–and some financial institutions.  Click here for the whole article >>>

July 17th          RRWeb Lunch & Learn

July 17th          Cloud Back-up Workshop

All workshops and seminars are free to our clients with limited attendance.  Spaces will be held on a first come/first serve basis.  RSVP by clicking the link on the date you would like above.

Upcoming Changes
to Business Associate

By Tom Dumez, CHP, CHCS 

President, Prime Compliance 


The recent release of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule (Rule) makes significant changes to both the definition of who qualifies as a business associate (BA) and the requirements of business associate agreements (BAA). The Rule expands the scope of the Security Rule to apply not only to covered entities(CE) but also to business associates. In practice, this means that business associates must have HIPAA compliance policies and procedures in place to address the Security Rule's administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for handling electronic PHI, as well as formal and documented training for all staff including management. It is important that all business associates evaluate the requirements of the Security Rule and ensure that they are compliant. And, Almost all CE's and BA's will need to revise their BAA's to incorporate the new requirements of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule.


The Rule increases the consequences of non-compliance for all BA's. BA's always have been liable to the covered entities that they serve for failure to comply with the terms of their BAA's. Now, BA's are also directly liable to HHS for failure to comply with the following HIPAA rules:

  • Complying with the Security Rule requirements;
  • Making “reasonable efforts” to adhere to the Minimum Necessary Standard;
  • Entering into BA agreements with subcontractors that receive PHI;
  • Disclosing PHI to the Secretary for investigation into the BA's HIPAA compliance;                                  
  • Providing an accounting of disclosures;
  • Making only permissible uses and disclosures;
  • Providing breach notification to a CE; and
  • Providing access to copies of electronically held PHI to a CE or the individual upon request.

Labor Day!

Richards & Richards
will be closed
September 2, 2013
in observance of the holiday


June 2013

File Clean-up!

Summer is here and it is a good time to retreat inside on a hot day and get rid of your unneeded files!

Make a point to review your boxes/files for any that are at the end of their retention schedule.  These clean outs keep your company protected and your budget intact.

If you need help determining what boxes are ready to be destroyed contact us here to obtain a report >>>>>>

If you need to schedule destruction from a list of boxes you have contact us here >>>>>>>

If you do not have boxes in storage but need to send on-site files for destruction contact us here >>>>>>

Please remember that we will never act upon a destruction date entered in RRWeb.  It is your responsibility to keep up with and inform us if you need a box or file destroyed.  We will then pull the item and generate a work order that must contain the signature of someone in our office with this clearance.

If you have any questions regarding the process please contact us at 615-242-9600 and we will be happy to help.

As you enjoy this summer with your family and friends, please have fun and be safe.


R. Stephen Richards
President & CEO

Got Tapes?

Richards & Richards sells all top brand of computer back-up tapes direct to our clients at a savings, shipping them to you free with your next scheduled delivery date. We’ll simply bill you on your regular invoice.

Not a DataVault client? No problem! We can still pass on the savings. Contact us here for more information >>

June 19th       RRWeb Lunch & Learn

June 26th      Cloud Back-up Workshop

All workshops and seminars are free to our clients with limited attendance.  Spaces will be held on a first come/first serve basis.  RSVP by clicking the link on the date you would like above.

RRWeb User Tip

If you receive odd codes that make no sense while working in the program, it may be that Internet Explorer has updated on your computer to the latest version.  Each time that happens – you must put it back in compatibility view.  For directions on how to do this – click here>>>>

The Legislation of Privacy: New Laws That Will Change Your Life

Technology is changing how we do everything, from connecting with friends to investigating our family history. While most of these changes are for the better, the reality is that many of these new technologies expose us to serious privacy risks, especially as legislation has struggled to keep up. Yet both here in the U.S. and around the world, that could soon change.

There are numerous new and pending laws that are starting to seriously tackle the challenges posed by modern technology, helping close gaps in legislation and enforcement that open you up to online stalking, medical data breaches, and disclosure of your online data. Even if you don’t realize it, many of these laws can have a major impact on your life, from how you buy insurance to which bits of personal information are gathered while you shop online, go to the bank, or talk on the phone. Click here for the full article which includes a brief guide to many of the newer and upcoming laws regarding privacy in the United States. You’ll learn what the bills propose, how they’ll affect your life, and when they’ll go into effect, if they haven’t already.

Legal Copy and Conversion Services
Did you know that Richards & Richards provides legal copy services?  Each page is hand checked to verify it is ready for distribution.

Duplication services also include:
  • Hard copy production for tight deadlines, large projects, & every day needs
  • Color capabilities
  • Video / Audio / DVD / CD duplication
  • X-Ray duplication
  • Trial mounts, color & black/white

We also provide a variety of file conversion options for your specific desires, ensuring that you deliver evidence in specific formats as mandated by your case and allowing for a smooth, efficient and cost effective legal review of all of your data.

Conversion services include:

  • Converting a large number of file formats, including all major word processing, spreadsheet, database, E-mail and other applications into PDF, TIFF, Native, merged PST, searchable text and many other file formats.
  • Providing Bates Labeling


Happy 20th WWW!

For those who wonder, it was 20 years ago on April 30, 1993 that the first website was born.  The website was created by CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research and its URL is below.

This link from,2817,2418330,00.asp has the information on how this all happened.

April 2013


Time for Spring Cleaning!

There are a number of items that need to be attended to with your records management on a regular basis.  Two that affect your security and compliance are your Security List and your Retention Schedule.

We safeguard the security of your records by limiting access to those in your organization that are placed on our Security List. 

However, if you do not update this list as people come and go – there may be people listed that should not have access or people that should have access that are not listed.  It is a good idea to review this at least annually to be sure it is up to date.

Please contact us for a current list and form to update it here>>>

Have you destroyed the records that should be destroyed?  Your retention schedule keeps you in compliance with the various privacy laws that govern your industry.  If you do not stay consistent with the schedule, it can be called into question during an audit.  So please check that you are up to date.

Contact us for a report on what you have in storage that should be destroyed >>>

Thank you and have a Happy Easter!

R. Stephen Richards
President & CEO

April 17th      Cloud Back-up Workshop

April 17th       RRWeb Lunch & Learn

May 15th      Cloud Back-up Workshop

May 15th       RRWeb Lunch & Learn

All workshops and seminars are free to our clients with limited attendance.  Spaces will be held on a first come/first serve basis.  RSVP by clicking the link on the date you would like above.

Free Shred Day!

Richards & Richards, in cooperation with the Nashville Better Business Bureau, invites everyone, individuals and small businesses alike to destroy their confidential documents securely for one day only – at no cost!*

Location: 1741 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville
Date:      Saturday, April 20, 2013
Hours:     9am – 1pm
What:      Free Paper Shredding!

Richards & Richards and the Nashville Better Business Bureau want to help the community to protect themselves from identity theft.  So, pack up as much paper as you want – no limit – in boxes, cars or trucks and bring it to our location.  We’ll shred it all for free!

*This offer excludes boxes under management in our storage division.

Hard Drive Destruction –
Lets Get Real

As we know, a used computer’s hard drive contains old e-mail messages; credit-card, bank-account, and Social-Security numbers; and plenty of other personal information.  Because the information security field is my home turf, some of the talk I hear about how to destroy old drives makes me shiver as if I were back on that icy road.  Many so-called methods of destruction border on the insane and unsafe, not to mention the unreliable.  There is a whole lot of bad advice online, especially.  I can tell you most of these postings skirt the truth.  Some throw a tarp over it.

Click here to read entire article >>>>


Free Shred Day


Free Shred Day!

Richards & Richards, in cooperation with the Nashville Better Business Bureau invites everyone, individuals and small businesses alike to destroy their confidential documents securely for one day only – at no cost!  This is part of the Better Business Bureau’s nationwide “Secure Your ID Days”.

Location:   1741 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville

Date:         Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hours:       9am – 1pm (PLEASE NOTE – NEW TIME)

What:        Free Paper Shredding!

There are over 300 identity fraud related arrests made every year. Over 300 more of identity thieves end up in prison.

Nearly 12 million people are affected by identity fraud each year and nearly 3 million of those identities are that of deceased people(yes, dead!). Seems like no one is safe from identity fraud.

Research conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research say that although the amount of money stolen due to identity fraud has remained steady, identity fraud itself has increased by more than 13% in the last year alone.

We want to help the community protect themselves from this type of theft.  So, pack up as much paper as you want – in boxes, cars or trucks and bring it to our location.  We’ll shred it all for free!

Note – This does not apply to boxes currently under management within the Richards & Richards records storage division.

How Long Should I Keep My Records

With April 15th coming up, we always hear this question. How long should I keep those tax records?

Here is our advice – and remember these are for your personal returns only, not business and if you have special circumstances contact your CPA and/or attorney for more information.

Keep for One Year

Your monthly statements of any financial accounts should be kept for one year. All paycheck statements, your W-2 form, and your retirement plan year-end statement. After you receive your W-2 form and check it against the last pay statement for the year, you can then shred and discard all paycheck statements.

Keep for Three Years

You should keep your federal income tax returns and related receipts and statements for at least three years. If you are audited, the IRS can review tax returns filed during the past three years, which includes requesting to see supporting documentation for the income and deductions you reported. As an example, you will need to keep your 2010 tax return and related papers until you file your 2013 tax return. It is generally safe to shred and discard it if after that. For more information see IRS Publication 552, Record keeping for Individuals.

How do I get rid of records I don’t need?

Glad you asked. With the threats of identity theft, you can never be too cautious about getting rid of records you don’t need. That is why we have a free shred day coming up on April 20th from 9am to 1pm. Just bring those old records to our facility at 1741 Elm Hill Pike and we are happy to securely shred those documents for you. Don’t just throw them away in the trash.

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