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Our records center is more than 251,000 square feet, which is about 6 acres under roof, sitting on 12 acres of land. The campus is surrounded by and secured with an eight (8) foot chain link perimeter fencing with barbed wire, and monitored access gates.

When you arrive at the records center entrance, you will be allowed to enter via a magnetic release lock that is monitored by our receptionist. Once inside the front door, you are in a closed “man trap” hallway that requires a second magnetic lock release by our receptionist to enter the offices.

Once you arrive in the reception area, you will sign in and be issued a security badge that matches the access needed for your visit. Security badges are worn by staff, contractors and visitors at all times and colors vary for easy recognition by our employees.

The building has a comprehensive fire suppression system. We have in-rack sprinklers in the records center which provides for rapid fire suppression on both levels, even in hard to reach areas.

The building is monitored with numerous security cameras to the exterior and interior, 24 hours a day. Recordings are made from all cameras and retained for a period of 90 days.

We are proud of our records center and would love you to visit. If you would like a tour, just send us a request in the form above or call us and we will be happy to schedule one.

Visit Us

If you are a client and have not had a chance to visit or if you are just thinking about using our service, we invite you to set up an appointment for a tour. We will be happy to show you the operation and explain the magic behind the curtain.

Our Location:
1741 Elm Hill Pike,
Nashville, TN 37210-5717

Phone: 615.242.9600

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